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Lamona Appliance Repair

Lamona Appliance Repair

Choose us for your Lamona appliance repair in Manchester & surrounding areas.

Fixed Price: £68

Lamona Appliance Repair Manchester

For over 15 years we have been carrying out our Lamona appliance repair service in Manchester. During those 15 years, we have seen nearly every fault for every appliance that Lamona appliances have to offer. Lamona is an own-label brand used exclusively by Howdens Joinery as an own-label brand. Spare parts for Lamona appliances can be a little bit more tricky than other manufacturers as most appliances made by Lamona are ‘badged’ meaning that they are often another manufacturers product with the Lamona badge. We have extensive knowledge of spare parts for Lamona appliances, meaning our success rate with repairs is extremely high.

If your Lamona appliance has broken down, it’s not always easy to find someone you can trust to carry out the repair, manufacturers repair costs for out of warranty work can be extremely high, that’s why we take pride in being able to offer Lamona repairs for £68 including parts, labour and a 12-month guarantee.

Lamona Appliances We Can Repair

Lamona Washing Machine Repair

As previously explained, Lamona is part of the Howdens Joinery brand, meaning that finding spare parts can be a little bit more difficult. Our expert knowledge with Lamona washing machines means that we can offer you a complete Lamona washing machine repair service at your home for a great, one-off fixed cost of £68. Our fixed price Lamona washing machine repairs include parts, labour & a 12-month guarantee. If your uncertain whether your washing machine can be repaired, rest assured that we over 15 years experience with Lamona washing machine repairs.

If you would like to get some more information on our Lamona washing machine repair service you can take a look at our Lamona washing machine repair page.

Lamona Dryer Repair

Lamona tumble dryers fit beautifully into your kitchen and are economical without the sacrifice of quality, but sometimes they can break down. Our Lamona dryer repair service has been running for over 15 years meaning we are experts in repairing these machines. If you would like to book a Lamona dryer repair service please give us a call or use our online web enquiry form.

If you would like to get some more information on our Lamona dryer repair service you can take a look at our Lamona dryer repair page.

Lamona Oven Repair

For the past 10 years, Lamona has been growing in popularity throughout the UK. This means that you will often find them in lots of homes with fitted, integrated kitchens. Lamona ovens develop certain faults at different milestones in there life, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on them. Lamona ovens often develop ‘no heat’ faults, meaning that they will no longer cook your food. Our expert knowledge will help you get your Lamona oven back up and running.

If you would like to get some more information on our Lamona oven repair service you can take a look at our Lamona oven repair page.

Lamona faults that we fix in Manchester

Lamona oven not heating up

Lamona ovens not heating up is a really common fault that we repair regularly, this is usually caused by a faulty heating element or thermostat failure.

Lamona washing machine door seal needs replacing

Lamona washing machine door seals, like many brands can become ripped or twisted. They can be replaced easily with the correct access to parts and the right skills.

Lamona tumble dryer drum no longer rotates

Snapped drive belts, faulty capacitors and broken pulley wheels usually cause a lot of Lamona tumble dryers to no longer rotate the drum. Our expertise have helped us to successfully repair this Lamona dryer fault many times over the years.

Lamona oven grill does not come on

When the grill no longer heats up on an Lamona oven, replacing the grill element is the most common repair. We have lots of Lamona grill elements in stock for a same day and next day service.

Lamona washing machine does not drain the water away

Blockages & faulty drain pumps are usually the cause of an Lamona washing machine no longer draining the water away. We can easily repair this fault for Lamona machines. We are currently seeing an increased amount of Lamona washing machines with this fault.

Lamona tumble dryer does not heat up

Tumble dryers have a heating element assembly which can fail, along with various thermostat problems. Lamona tumble dryers no longer heating is quite a common problem that we regularly repair.

Frequently asked Lamona repair questions

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We specialise in Lamona washing machine repairs, Lamona oven repairs & Lamona tumble dryer repairs. Our extensive training and expertise allow us to repair nearly all Lamona appliance related faults. 

We repair both integrated and freestanding Lamona appliances. Integrated appliances can be tricky but we have experience in the safe removal and installation of all Lamona integrated appliances.

We can usually offer you a next day booking for an Lamona repair. Sometimes we can even offer a same day appointment depending on our engineers schedule.

Our fixed price Lamona appliance repair service includes all necessary parts, labour and a 12 month guarantee. If your appliance breaks down again within 12 months with the same fault we will repair it free of charge.

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